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Fellow KV² Plugin

The Fellow KV² Plugin brings artificial intelligence to your IDM capture platform. It learns automatically and thus helps to further automate the digitization of your documents. With swarm intelligence, you benefit from the learning curves of other customers without sharing sensitive data.


Table Extraction² Plugin

The Fellow Table Extraction² Plugin brings artificial intelligence into your Ephesoft solution. With this plugin, Ephesoft reliably recognizes tables from documents. It is trained automatically through corrections and thus learns itself. And this happens across all customer entries through the use of so-called swarm intelligence - without sharing sensitive data.



With DOC², you digitize your documents (PDF, Word, images, paper, ...) and use the data and information contained therein for your processes. Whether invoices, contracts, forms - all types of documents are recognized and processed with the latest AI technologies.


Document Management

Find what you need to manage your documents with our web-based Document Management System. Automate your business processes with workflows, advanced search, tagging and categorization capabilities. Secure your documents with the role based access control. FLOW² integrates with your existing IT landscape.



XInvoice is a format that is being established across Germany for the electronic exchange of invoices. Our plugin enables you to convert your existing invoices into the XInvoice format. You can leave the invoicing process unchanged but send your invoices in XInvoice.

OCR Engine

OCR Engine²

Convert your files or documents into machine-readable text. Whether PDF, JPG, PGN or paper, our plug-in increases readability and enables the data and information in the documents to be recognized. In this way, the documents can be read out and integrated into the automated work process.