DOC² - Digitise your documents


Digitise documents: Convert your PDF file, images, Word or other files and use the read meta data (attributes) for your processes.

Even if an accumulation of documents contains a lot of data and information, the potential of this data can only be maximised if it is structured and accessible in an orderly manner.

Our processor enables you to extract your metadata from unordered documents and prepare them for you in such a way that you can integrate them perfectly into your work processes.

This saves you the time it would otherwise take to manually search out all the important and target-oriented information from your documents.

Document management

Use our DOC² Processor to get unity, organisation and structure into your document system to get the maximum value out of your data and information.

They thus create the optimal basis for:

  • Optimisation of your processes
  • Maximum labour productivity
  • Massive saving of valuable time

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