Fellow KV² Plugin - Improve your automated process

Fellow KV² Plugin

The new KV² Plugin, which stands for “Key Value Plugin”, is the tool you need to further improve your automated process!

This intelligent add-on to Ephesoft Transact makes your processes even more efficient, as it acts like a human assistant and learns how to make patterns. The smart plugin is able to identify and repeat processes in various types of documents, such as invoices, forms, insurance claims, medical statement and others. Data can be extracted from papers, pdfs, email attachments and any other format, including handwritten documents.

Download Plugin

Fellow KV²-Plugin consists of two Parts. You need to download and install both.

The purpose

The purpose of the Fellow KV² Plugin is to enhance Ephesoft Transact software by adding Artificial Intelligence and to train the software to identify the proper data during the process of digitization. Innumerous formats of documents can be scanned, and the system will learn by itself how to correctly identify, extract and export data from their fields.

How it acts

This advanced machine learning-based Plugin acts like a well-trained human assistant that performs the same scanning action on several types of documents, even after identifying different fields and structures. It is becoming better and better the more it is applied.


It not only extracts and exports data from documents such as invoices and forms, but it can also reproduce new workflows defined as patterns according to the repeated use of the user. The more it is used, the more intelligent and accurate it will become.

Validation process

When a human assistant changes a value of any field during the document validation process, the new value is identified by the Plugin and is used to generate an automatic key-value rule for the update.

Video - FellowKV²Plugin

Complete automated document verification saves about 15 time and 90 errors

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