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Table Extraction² Plugin

The Machine Learning plugin for your IDM Capture Solution

The new Table Extraction² Plugin is the tool you need to further improve your automated process with tables! This intelligent add-on to Ephesoft Transact makes your processes even more efficient, as it acts like a human assistant and learns how to make patterns. The AI-based plugin makes the extraction of tables so easy, that everyone can do it.

The purpose

The purpose of the Table Extraction² Plugin is to enhance Ephesoft Transact software by adding Artificial Intelligence and to train the software to identify the proper data during the process of digitization of tables. With this cloud-based repository solution you can forget about spending time and IT-resources adapting and configuring the batch class for every single table.

How it acts

This advanced machine learning-based Plugin acts like a well-trained human assistant. The tables are analyzed with AI-based image recognition to define the position and with self-developed complex algorithms it is cleaned, and the data accurately extracted. The whole data is basically sent back to Ephesoft, which means that the plugin will populate Ephesoft with the table extraction already done.It is becoming better and better the more it is applied.


It not only extracts and exports data from documents such as invoices with tables, but it can also reproduce new workflows defined as patterns according to the repeated use of the user. The more it is used, the more intelligent and accurate it will become.

Validation process

If some data from a column is missing, then the end user can always correct it on the validation window and that is also basically how the system learns and is trained, just by one-time human help. The new value is identified by the Plugin and is used to generate an automatic key-value rule for the update.

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Complete automated document verification saves about 15 time and 90 errors

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