XInvoice - Electronic Invoices


In the EU, public authorities and public companies have been obliged to accept and process electronic invoices since 2019. In Germany, this is particularly the Xinvoice. Since 27.11.2020, Deutsche Bahn, for example, has almost exclusively accepted XInvoice.

The Xinvoice is designed to facilitate national and international trade and significantly minimise the risk of fraud. XInvoices are secure and save time in processing, which should lead to reduced costs and higher productivity for all parties involved.

Xinvoice use the Extensible Markup Language (XML) format, which allows invoice data to be transmitted in a structured and readable way in text files. XML is IT platform independent and can be processed by virtually any programming language.


Cost and process adjustments

The accounting systems must either be adapted in a cost-intensive way or expanded in order to create XInvoices from the previous invoice data


Readability of the XML

The XML is difficult to read, so you will continue to print or save a PDF for your archiving.



An XInvoice created according to the standards of the German certification authority will not necessarily lead to a positive validation with your contract partner/customer. Your customer defines which data should be stored in which fields of the XML and in which way.



The standard for the XInvoice changes over time, namely about every half year.

Your Solution

Do not change your current process!
Use our platform and convert your previous invoices
into customer-compliant XInvoices by dragging and dropping.

How do we do that?

  • You tell us who you send the invoices to.
  • We quickly adapt our platform so that the XInvoices for your customers meet their rules.
  • We train the system for a few hours.
  • The system is at your disposal.
  • We maintain the system so that you will continuously send compliant XInvoices.

Would you like to know more about the Fellow XInvoice?

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